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Energy Leadership - Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core (by Bruce Schneider) 

As Martin Dunkerton wrote, "A road map to improve your bottom line and a guide for your soul."

In this easy-to-read book, Schneider illustrates how our "core energy" determines everything – how we experience relationships, challenges, our health, our well-being, as well as how we come across to others. His approach called "energy leadership" shows how to change your business and your life from the inside out. 

(I am certified as an "Energy Leadership Master Practitioner" and use these principles with all of my clients. If you're a client, I will send you a copy!) 


The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success (by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman and Kaley Klemp)

This book dovetails beautifully with Energy Leadership although it is has a different model. For those who apply its strategies, it can be a life-changer at work and in all parts of your life.




Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives (by Anese Cavanaugh)

What I love about this book is that it's about creating a culture that is collaborative, productive, energized, and contagious – what my practice is all about! Cavanaugh believes it starts with you and how you show up – as do I. It's about your intention, your attention, and the impact you have on others, and Cavanaugh has specific strategies for each of these.  



18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done (by Peter Bregman)

A wonderful approach to do exactly what the title suggests – by one of my mentors. Based upon his weekly Harvard Business Review columns (which is one of the most popular columns on, receiving hundreds of thousands of unique page views a month), 18 MINUTES clearly shows how busy people can cut through all the daily clutter and distractions and find a way to focus on those key items which are truly the top priorities in our lives.



The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (by Patrick Lencioni)

A classic. Lencioni's books are written as fables – easy to read and very instructive.   





The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life – Before 8AM (by Hal Elrod)

I have clients who say this book has changed their lives. The author shows how to create a morning routine that includes "best practices." Thousands of people report the profound effect it has had on how they feel and what they achieve. Give it a try!




Organizing from the Inside Out (by Julie Morgenstern)

If clutter or disorganization interferes with your life, the principles in this book may be just what you need. A New York Times bestseller, this book teaches the skill of organizing in a way that works with your habits, personality and goals. A terrific book.




Loving What Is – Four Questions that Can Change Your Life (by Byron Katie)

I love this book! Talk about taking responsibility....

In this book, Katie introduces what she calls "The Work," four questions that, when applied to a specific problem, enable you to see what is troubling you in an entirely different light. As Katie says, “It’s not the problem that causes our suffering; it’s our thinking about the problem.” Contrary to popular belief, trying to let go of a painful thought never works; instead, once we have done The Work, the thought lets go of us. At that point, we can truly love what is, just as it is.


The Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle)

Another favorite of mine – though it may not be for everyone. If you consider yourself on a spiritual journey and are interested in how the mind gets in the way, I highly recommend it.





Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction (by Laura Berman Fortgang) 

This book has been immensely helpful to many of my clients who wanted to figure out their next chapter.

In Now What? pioneering life coach Laura Berman Fortgang shares the process that she has used to help hundreds of clients make major changes in their lives. Whether it’s moving on from a dead-end job, discovering an entirely new creative outlet, or answering the age-old question “What am I meant to do with my life?” this book provides a clear and practical ninety-day program that can help you make major changes in your life.



Who Needs An Executive Coach? Forbes

How – and Why – To Take Your Life Back from Email by Christine Carter

Your work-life balance hangs in these four quadrants by Lauren Bacon 

If You're Too Busy to Meditate, Read This Harvard Business Review

What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space  99%

Momentum: Multitasking; Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder from Developing Mind

17 Tips to Double Your Productivity In 14 Days by Robin Sharma

There must be a pony in here somewhere! an amusing look at pessimism and optimism




How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek on Ted Talks

The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance by Shawn Achor on Ted Talks

How to Multipy Your Time by Rory Vaden on Ted Talks

The Habits of Happiness by Matthieu Ricard on Ted Talks

Interview of Luke Iorio, President of IPEC, explaining Energy Leadership





Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology Several free online surveys that measure gratitude, optimism, etc. - I recommend the VIA Survey of Character Strengths.

Positivity Ratio Test Provides a snapshot of how your emotions of the past day combine to create your positivity ratio.

Things app My favorite tool to connect my to-do list with my calendar, my email, my project organization – the "bucket" that captures everything.

Pomodoro Technique A very simple but effective time-management system used by millions of people to promote focus and flow.

Eggtimer  An online timer to help you limit the time you devote to certain tasks.

Stickk  A tool to help you set and commit to particularly challenging goals.

Habit Forge A tool of simple accountability to forge a new habit.